carpenter ant sample

Carpenter ant facts

Carpenter ants do not eat wood, but they do tear wood apart to nest in it. Carpenter ants are considered wood destroying insects by state law. Carpenter ants should not be ignored – but they do not do the same type of damage you would get from the dreaded subterranean termite.

Carpenter ants actually eat other insects and insect secretions.

Carpenter ants come in many different sizes and colors but only one shape. Carpenter ants are extremely common in our area. Note the photo to the right and the descriptive text.

Carpenter ants are often in homes for years before they are noticed. Queens will live up to 30 years and workers for 8. Main nest sites are rarely in homes but rather are part of a larger colony system.

Carpenter ant main nest sites are ALWAYS located somewhere that never freezes or dries out – so usually you are talking about wood below ground level – such as dead wood in a living tree or a stump. Cedar trees are common main nest sites.

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