Cost of Ants Exterminators,Average Ant Exterminator Prices

How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of ants,why do Ant control prices vary?

The price of professional ant extermination varies based on the species of ant, the severity of the problem ,and changing pest control practices. If six-legged invaders have encroached upon your property, control requires a two-pronged approach of identification and extermination.
we guarantee the cost of ant extermination will be worth the results, but for a true quote, call us today for your free consultation. We are glad to review your options with you and discuss an individualized treatment plan.

Professional ant extermination averages about $250-$350 for a one-time visit. This service should come with a guarantee of at least 30 days.
Treatment for carpenter ants tends to be more expensive because of the complexity of the specie. pricing to control and exterminate will range $360-$580 for a one-time visit.

Having a professional ant exterminator watch over your investment might be your best bet, which usually costs anywhere from $380 to $680 per year. For that price, you’ll get an initial treatment and then quarterly follow-up treatments.

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