little black ants (Monomorium minimum) are are persistent and found in great numbers. Although they can be found almost anywhere they are more commonly found in the yards of houses out East or in southern California. Being active both day and night with nest populations of more than 2,000 each they can produce a nightmare for anyone.

Unlike many other ants that are picky where they build their nests, the little black ant is home almost anywhere which makes them difficult to control. They will take up shop in the ground almost anywhere outside as well as in trees. To make matters even worse they can move right into your house and nest in cracks in the basement, in carpets and even the spaces in your walls. To make getting rid of little black ants even harder they have an impressive ability to survive eating almost anything. I mean everything. Including grease. Everything.

Getting rid of black ants for a time isn’t that hard but keeping them away for good is almost impossible. They are versatile and persistent which will make them a lifelong adversary. Just keep some of the following tips on file and get on the infestations quick before they have time to grow.

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