Termites Control, Protection & Inspection Services

Termite damage is a pandemic issue faced by many home and property owners.

  • Aside from costing homeowners or business buildings a lot, this type of damage is not covered by most  insurance policies.
  • To understand how big an impact this problem has in the lives of American homeowners or commercial business buildings, termites are considered the top threat to wooden and wood-based structures, even preceding fire and natural calamities that bring flood and strong winds.
  • Contrary to popular belief, termites are not only active during the Spring season but they continue to destroy structures in and around your homes and commercial buildings all through the year.
  • Termites in homes can remain undetected for years and when they are noticed, often homeowners already have to deal with extensive and costly damages.

Termite damage should worry you, it is crucial to defend your home, your family, and your finances. And the key to your protection from termites is educating yourself on the basics  classification, and telltale signs of an invasion, preventative measures, termite treatment options and termite treatment costs.